Farmer 12

Humble Cultivator of Craft Cannabis

Our Belief in Patient Rights & Relief Efforts


Our path started with patients...  people we care about and want the best for.  This is not only where we started out, but why we started to begin with.  Even though we are OLCC licensed, we continue to donate portions of our harvests to support those in need of medicine through an OMMP registered organization called "The Co-op".

“The Co-op" is an organization of caregivers and growers who volunteer their time, skills, and resources towards bringing OMMP patients in residential care facilities and hospice access to medicinal cannabis. For over fifteen years, this dedicated group has striven to provide assistance to patients with the most need due to the combined medical, environmental, and financial limitations they face. By working together with the residential care and hospice facilities of the patients we serve, they are able to greatly improve the quality of life of their patients and help them cope with the medical conditions they face.

During those fifteen years over 90 of those we cared for have passed on. We have done our best to make the most of Oregon's medical marijuana program. We feel and hope to have made a small difference and cherish the experience. For the last 15 years the team and family at 'Farmer 12' has proudly been the primary marijuana producer for 'The Co-op.'



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