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As breeders, we originally thought testing would be of great value to us. In fact, we started testing over a year before it became mandatory. We were very excited, the more information available, decision making improves. Unfortunately at that time testing results were unreliable, and could not always be trusted or considered when making important breeding decisions.

Testing could be more valuable if the medical(and recreational) marijuana community focused on the most important results; the presence and quantity of pesticides, molds, mildews, poisons, and heavy metals. Testing standards should be in place and enforced, assuring that products are free of dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

We have tried three or four different labs, settling on the current facility because they are one of only two or three companies who can provide accurate pesticide testing, the laboratory personnel have 25(+) years of combined experience in operating FDA and pharmaceutical regulated quality control laboratories, and we believe they are honest and ethical.

With all of that said, we want you to rest assured that we do not manipulate any of our cannabis, and every test sample is randomly selected by a third party from each batch. Although we do not use pesticides, we do pursue the most thorough and honest testing and product labeling available. We never want to market anything unsafe for our medical(or recreational) marijuana patients and consumers!

You can request current test results for each individual 'Farmer 12' strain by contacting us!

Updated: 08/27/16

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